2-4% of the world's people suffer of psoriasis! Why should you suffer too?
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            Psoriasis is s skin disease, frequent which razes difficulties of treatment, at the start of the third millenium. It is present in the village and city. 

The disease isn’t contagious. Its apparition can be at any age, even from childhood. Its evolution is chronic. Sometimes the Psoriasis elements resist in all the life of the patient. 
The specific elements of the disease with red lesions that appear almost symmetrically, especially on arm, knee the skin from the head. In time they can appear in other places (member’s superior and inferior), if it’s generalizing it means it is a form of generalized Psoriasis. 
The base of the treatment it is the one with ointments, creams or solutions based on cignolin etc. This has a local effect, sometimes really fast. But the reappearing is more often and more intense, sometimes even after they give up the treatment with ointments. That’s why some patients have to continue the treatment with ointments, even if those have negative effects sometimes. 
Using the Deniplant tea from the Medical Foundation “The Help”, tea licensed by Mr. Gheorghe Giurgiu, the president of the foundation there was healing and disappearing of the lesions in only 6-12 months. The treatment with Deniplant can be used sure, without other prepares or diet. 
Even if the treatment with Deniplant is for long last it is easy to be used by the patients at their one homes. and till now there are no negative effects. 
All the 500 patient who’ve pass to the foundation can say that this treatment “Deniplant” really has the positive answers that every patient wants. 
This is why the foundation received this name “Hope”, to give the patient the hope that he will heal, even if the doctors say that the disease can’t heal. 
The patient has the right to know that in Romania a product that could help him.

Principal scientifically researcher Primary Doctor- General Medicine 

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