2-4% of the world's people suffer of psoriasis! Why should you suffer too?
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Incredible but true! Unique in the world! 

It is a powder witch was obtained from medicinal plants. 

Erythematosus lupus 
Zona Zoster 

Method of administration and dosage: 
Deniplant is for intern use in exclusivity. It is preparing 750 ml of mixture witch is drinking everyday step by step. 

There aren't any.The used medicinal plants are not toxic 

Adverse reactions: 
There are not in a long time for using(2-3 years) 

Treatment duration : 
In report with the evolution of the disease in treatment. Generally, between 6 months and 2 years. 

Other indications: 
Without diet or other restrictions. 
If you had a diet, you will have to give it up easily as you start the treatment with the tea 
Without ointment or other medicines for intern or extern use. 
You must give up at the ointments you had used. If you don't resist without them, thing that it is possible, you will use at first a cosmetic cream. A one without drugs. You must learn the body live without ointments. As fast as better. If the cosmetic cream isn't to good, where it is strictly necessary you can apply a little of the ointment you had used but rarely and in parallel with the cosmetic cream. 
This aspect it is very important cause if you will use in parallel the ointment, the skin will heal at surface faster than the intern causes and you get tricked. The real healing is when you drink the tea and you treat the intern causes. Don't scratch and don't break the peels they will fall normally easier. Each time you break them you make the healing process get longer and the surface can also extend. You can shower daily but don't rub the skin 

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