2-4% of the world's people suffer of psoriasis! Why should you suffer too?
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*Ceai anti-dermatite  
*Ceai post-operator   
*Stop caderii parului  
*Plante balneologice   
*Bioregenerator epitelial   
  Tea against dermatite 

Plants and forest fruits as powder 100% natural.

Reglates the cellular metabolism 
Stops the high secretion of the sebacee glands 
Actions on the fungic infections 
Desintoxicant and remineralisant 
Actions on the intern causes that produce seboreic dermatite 
Against hair peeling
Only for intern use, 750 ml of the for daily drinking.

There aren't any, the used plants aren't toxic.

Adverse rectioons : 
There weren't any at long use.

Other indications : 
We recomand you to asociate it with the Hair regenerator.

Vallability terms : 
2 years in a dark place with a constant temperature


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